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    Hi everybody I just renovated my living room and I thought of getting a leather sofa after I saw a blog that mentioned some of the benefits of getting one ( ). The only problem that I am facing right now is that I have heard that they could be pretty hard to maintain.If this is true, can anyone tell me any easier to make it last for a long time.Any insight on this would be great.
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    @hanna22 , I have had leather sofas but I will not buy them again. For a start, if you get a hole in one it is very difficult to get it repaired. More that that, however, is while they look great they get very cold in the winter and hot and sticky in the summer (unless you keep you heating/air conditioning on 24/7).

    For cleaning, however, I found them very simple.
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    Leather sofas make look nice but if it is an item you are using daily, then reconsider buying leather. If you have a dog or cat, they can scratch or rip the leather. Daily wear and will show in a couple of years, so is it worth the investment? We had a light color leather couch and love seat that looked crappy after a couple of years. It was not my first choice and I would not pick leather again. However, my husband s family buys leather couches and had to replace them every few years.
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    If you have small children who plays a lot and some pets around the house, I don't think a leather is a best choice.

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